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    Udder Care Milking Robot – Cow

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    Udder Care Milking Robot – Cow (product 25) is a high-quality care product specifically developed for lactating cows.

    • Thorough cleaning and care of teats and udder skin
    • Soothing and nourishing formula for smooth and healthy teats
    • Reduces the attraction of bacterial vectors

    Specifically developed for use in milking robot systems

    Work safer and more environmentally friendly

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    Milking robots offer an efficient way to produce milk, but come with challenges that can impact udder health. Problems such as mastitis can lead to economic losses due to treatment costs and reduced milk production. Accurate adjustment and regular maintenance of the milking robot are crucial to prevent problems such as irritations or infections of the teats. Important factors that influence udder health include housing, nutrition, general resistance and hygiene. Maintaining a clean environment and regularly checking the technical condition of the milking robot are essential. Good milking technology, supported by adequate management of the milking robot, contributes to the quality of the milk and overall production. By carefully managing these aspects, problems affecting udder health can be minimized, contributing to a more effective milking process.


    Udder Care Milking Robot – Cow is a liquid care product for udders and teats, developed for use in combination with milking robots. This product provides thorough cleaning and care, leaving the skin and teats hygienically clean and supple. The formula also helps to reduce the attraction of bacterial vectors, such as certain flies. This double-action product not only provides deep cleaning but also provides caring properties, making it an ideal choice for daily use in automated milking systems. It contributes to the maintenance of a healthy udder environment, essential for an efficient milking process.


    • Stir briefly before use.
    • After each milking, dip or spray the teats with a 1:10 solution (1 liter with 9 liters of water). In extreme skin-damaging weather conditions, apply a 1:20 solution (2 liters to 8 liters of water).


    • Always apply diluted (with water). Hard (calcareous) water can cause some precipitation, but this does not adversely affect the operation of the product.
    • Preferably clean the teats before milking with a skin-friendly, pH-neutral cleaning product.
    • Udder Care Milking Robot – Cow is an EU Inputs certified product in accordance with EU 2018/848 and EU 1165/2021.

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    Udder Care Milking Robot – Cow

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