Our core values

Natural efficacy

Our products are based on natural raw materials, with proven effectiveness through years of research and testing.

Wide applicability

Vossen The New Farming offers solutions for crops, soils and a variety of animals including cattle, poultry and pigs.

Sustainable agricultural approach

Our philosophy focuses on promoting sustainability in the agricultural sector by reducing the use of chemicals and improving the natural resilience of agricultural ecosystems.

Scientific support

At Vossen The New Farming we offer not only products, but also expert guidance and scientific insights to help farmers achieve the best results in their farming practices.

Silage Care has been developed to effectively inhibit rotting and mold formation in silage. This keeps silage fresh for longer and retains its nutritional value. Less spoilage means less nutrient loss.

Our silage additive not only improves the shelf life, but also the palatability of the silage. This encourages animals to eat more, resulting in optimal feed intake and growth.

Silage Care contributes to better digestion of silage in the digestive system of animals. This maximizes nutrient absorption and ensures more efficient use of the feed. Despite the very low acidity of Silage Care, it is not aggressively corrosive. This means it is safe for storage and use, without damage to equipment or pit storage facilities.

At Vossen The New Farming we understand that every agricultural situation is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That's why we've developed an advanced web app that allows farmers to effortlessly find the perfect, tailor-made solution curated by our experts.