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    Udder Spray Support Recovery – Cow

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    Udder Spray Support Recovery – Cow (product 23) is an udder care product for cows.

    • Gives a color marker to the relevant quarter hour
    • Relaxes and cares for the udder skin
    • Supports blood circulation in the udder

    Natural aftercare of the external parts of the udder

    Work safer and more environmentally friendly

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    Udder health plays a crucial role in the profitability and sustainability of dairy farms. Clinical and subclinical mastitis cause significant economic damage through treatment costs and production loss. Important factors that influence udder health include housing, nutrition, general resistance, heredity, infection pressure, hygiene, and the milking technology used. Effective follow-up care after milking is essential for reducing mastitis and promoting udder recovery. Adhering to strict hygiene practices after each milking helps eliminate pathogens. This includes thoroughly cleaning the milking machine and applying suitable disinfectants. This leads to higher milk production, better milk quality and a lower somatic cell count, which together result in improved operating results.


    Udder Spray Support Recovery – Cow is an innovative udder care product, specially developed to support the udder health of cows. This spray offers a simple and effective way to care for the udder skin and improve the condition of the udder. The spray is easy to use and can be applied directly to the udder. The product is formulated to relax and care for the skin of the udder, which contributes to a healthy udder structure and optimal comfort for the animal. The caring properties help maintain supple skin, which is essential for effective milk production and reducing the risk of skin irritations. In addition, Udder Spray Support Recovery – Cow supports the blood circulation in the treated quarter. Good blood circulation is crucial for the recovery and maintenance of healthy udder tissue, which contributes to improved resistance to possible infections such as mastitis. This product is particularly suitable for daily use and offers a practical solution for farmers who strive for optimal udder health. By regularly applying this spray, dairy farmers can help improve the overall health and well-being of their cows, while at the same time working towards increased milk production and quality.


    After every milking, 2 - 4 days, spray the relevant quarter with the pure product. If you have a hairy udder, massage the product briefly.


    • Do not spray into open wounds.
    • Shake briefly before use.

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    Udder Spray Support Recovery – Cow

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