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    Claw Care Foot Bath – Cow & Calf

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    Claw Care Foot Bath – Cow & Calf (product 52) ​​is a claw care product for external use.

    • Local pH reduction, which contributes to the reduction of infection pressure
    • Cleans both the claw and the skin
    • Supports the restorative capacity of the skin

    A support for claw care and hygiene in livestock

    Work safer and more environmentally friendly

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    When the health of the claws and legs of cows leaves something to be desired, this causes economic damage to the company and leads to discomfort and pain for the animals. By taking timely measures, the risk of abnormalities in the legs and joints of livestock can be significantly reduced. The condition of the claws and joints is influenced by various factors, including housing, nutrition and ration, resistance, general condition, heredity, production level, infection pressure and hygiene. Healthy legwork is essential for optimal production, feed intake and fertility. Properly promoting claw and joint health not only reduces the costs of tackling such problems, but also increases the welfare of the animals. A systematic approach to hoof care, including regular checks and preventive treatments, is therefore a crucial part of effective livestock management.


    Claw Care Foot Bath - Cow & Calf is a liquid, natural claw care product that cleans and cares for the claws using specific herbs and acids. An important advantage of this product is that it does not negatively affect the conversion into the manure. The product contributes to a reduction in infection pressure due to the low pH value and at the same time has a caring and strengthening effect on the claw.


    • Foot bath: apply 2 to 3 times a week at a dilution of 2:100 to 4:100.
    • Individual follow-up treatment: animals with emerging claw problems/problem cases for 3 days with a 20:100 to 50:100 dilution.
    • Application for claw trimming: after trimming, spray the claw with a 50:100 dilution and wrap it.


    Only apply the product externally.

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    Claw Care Foot Bath – Cow & Calf

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