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    Improvement Appetite & Vitality – Calf

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    Product description

    Improving Appetite & Vitality – Calf (product 61) is a complementary feed for calves.

    • Supports weakness and lethargy
    • Activates and stimulates the appetite
    • Blood purifying effect

    An increased appetite and vitality form the foundations for optimal health

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          Appetite is crucial to the health and growth of calves and serves as an important indicator of a healthy digestive system and efficiently functioning metabolism. Calves with a good appetite absorb essential nutrients that are crucial for strengthening their immune system and for their development into vital adults. In addition, the appetite directly reflects the general well-being of the calf; enthusiastic food intake is often a sign of a comfortable and stress-free living environment. Conversely, stress can significantly reduce appetite, which not only affects growth and development, but also affects overall production efficiency.


          Improving Appetite & Vitality – Calf is an innovative liquid herbal extract developed to tackle weakness and lethargy in calves. This product not only stimulates the appetite, but also has blood purifying properties that promote overall health. With a low pH value, it also optimally supports digestion. The uniqueness of this remedy lies in the carefully selected mix of various herbs, where each herb fulfills a specific function. Together, these herbs strengthen each other, resulting in a broad and effective product. It promotes the absorption and utilization of nutrients, works against fattening and stimulates the excretion of waste products, making an essential contribution to the vitality of young animals.


          Distribute over food or drinking water:
          • Beef calves: The first 30 days of the fattening period 3 ml per calf per day and during the last 60 days of the fattening period 6 ml per calf per day.
          • Calves: 5 ml per calf per day through the milk feed.


          • GMP+ FSA assured.
          • Complies with GMP+BCN-NL01 Antibiotic-free animal feed.
          • Store between 5 - 30°C.


          Eleutrococcus Senticosus, Chrysanthellum Americanum, Urtica Urens, Aurantium, Mentha Piperita, Echinacea Purpurea, Achillea Millefolium, Angelica Archangelica, Carduus Marianus, Cynarae Scolymus.

          Additives: aromatic substances.

          Analytical Constituents

          <1% Crude protein, <1% crude fiber, <1% crude fat, <1% crude ash, <0.5% lysine, <0.5% methionine, <0.05% sodium.

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          Improvement Appetite & Vitality – Calf

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