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    Claw Spray Support Recovery – Cow & Calf

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    Claw Spray Support Recovery – Cow & Calf (product 53) is a claw care product for cows and calves.

    • Gives a color mark to the treated surface
    • Relaxes and cares for the claw and joint
    • Supports blood circulation

    Natural support for the external health of joints and claws

    Work safer and more environmentally friendly

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    If the health of the cow's claws and legs leaves much to be desired, this leads to economic damage for the company and causes discomfort and pain to the animals. By taking timely measures, the risk of abnormalities in the legs and joints of livestock is reduced. The condition of the claws and joints is determined by various factors, including housing, food/ration, resistance, condition, heredity, production level, infection pressure and hygiene. Healthy legwork is crucial for optimal production, feed intake and fertility. Properly reducing the risk of diseased claws and joints prevents, among other things, the costs of tackling such problems.


    Claw Spray Support Recovery – Cow & Calf is a care product for the claws of cows and calves, which can be easily applied with a spray. The product relaxes and cares for the skin and claw and supports the blood circulation of the tissue in question. This product is very suitable for the treatment of stable knees and thick heels. Thanks to the handy color marking, it is immediately visible which animals have been treated. In addition, it stimulates tissue healing and tackles inflammation and problems in a natural way.


    Every day, 2 to 4 days, spray the relevant part with the pure product 1 to 2 times a day.


    • Do not spray into open wounds.
    • Shake briefly before use.

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    Claw Spray Support Recovery – Cow & Calf

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