Additional general information
Carbonated algae lime Positive influence on the stomach and intestinal flora (promotes the pH in the rumen) and bone strength

Vegetable fats

Source of Omega 3 fatty acids and monosaturated fats from rapeseed
Aromas Promote the animal's appetite
Oregano oil Antioxidant, promotes digestion and blood circulation
Mint oil Works to support tissue
Lemon oil

Antioxidant and has a purifying effect

Lavender oil Has a relaxing effect and has a purifying effect
Magnesium Contributes to the nervous system and proper functioning of the muscles
Calcium Provides a strong cell structure
Sodium Promotes the acid-base balance and water balance of the animal
Phosphorus Promotes good energy management and the production of bone tissue
Lysine Amino acid supplementation
Methionine Promotes the removal of fat from the liver
Rough eggwhite Forms the basis for the quickly absorbed protein
Crude fiber Forms a stabilizing factor in the ration
Crude fat Forms the basis of a quickly absorbable energy component
Raw ash Ensures optimal absorption of minerals