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    Udder Rub Support Recovery – Cow

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    Udder Rub Support Recovery – Cow (product 20) is an udder care product.

    • Relaxes tense skin
    • Has a soothing effect on inflammation
    • No waiting time and easy to apply

    The natural support for incipient udder problems

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      Both clinical and subclinical mastitis cause major economic damage. Yet udder health often leaves much to be desired. Good udder health is determined by, among other things, housing, nutrition, general resistance, condition, heredity, infection pressure, hygiene, milking machine and milking technology. Udder health is crucial for good milk quality, good production and a low somatic cell count, resulting in optimal returns. By reducing the risk of mastitis and promoting the recovery process of the udder, livestock farmers can save a lot of money. In addition to the costs of the treatment, the loss in production also comes into play.


      Udder Rub Support Recovery – Cow is a liquid udder care product based on peppermint. The product supports the skin's ability to recover from udder disorders. It promotes blood circulation and stimulates the underlying tissue, which can contribute to the animal's overall well-being. The product contains ingredients known for their calming properties. Udder Rub Support Recovery – Cow has been developed to support natural processes such as blood and lymph circulation.


      • Dispense 20 drops into the palm of your hand.
      • Rub the udder with this.
      • Repeat the application 2 times a day for 3 days.


      • Apply the product for short periods of time.
      • Only apply the product externally.
      • Do not apply in/on open wounds.

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      Udder Rub Support Recovery – Cow

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