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    Optimization Drinking Water – Pig & Piglet

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    Product description

    Optimization Drinking Water – Pig & Piglet (product 170) is a supplementary feed for dosing in the drinking water of pigs .

    • Lowers the pH of drinking water and the gastrointestinal tract
    • Promotes digestion
    • Supports the condition of the gastrointestinal tract

    For optimal drinking water quality and vitality

    Work safer and more environmentally friendly

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    The quality of drinking water is essential for feed utilization and the general development of pigs and piglets. If the drinking water is of inferior quality, this not only affects the welfare and nutritional intake of the animals, but also increases the risk of infections. Poor water quality can lead to reduced feed intake and utilization, resulting in lower efficiency and higher mortality rates. It is therefore crucial to continuously monitor and optimize the quality of drinking water.


    Optimization Drinking Water – Pig & Pig is an innovative liquid supplementary animal feed that has been specifically developed to be added to the drinking water of pigs. This product lowers the pH value of the water, which significantly improves water quality and reduces the risk of infections. In addition, Optimization Drinking Water – Pig & Piglet contains a rich complex of herbal and fruit extracts, each of which plays a specific role in the health of the animals. These extracts work synergistically to promote digestion and support the overall condition of the gastrointestinal tract.


    • Dose twice a week via drinking water.
    • Dosage: 0.3 - 0.4 l per 1000 liters of drinking water (during 12 hours).
    • The pH of the drinking water should be reduced to 4.5 - 3.8.
    • Check the pH with pH paper or a pH meter.


    • GMP+ FSA assured.
    • Complies with GMP+BCN-NL01 Antibiotic-free animal feed.
    • Shake or mix briefly before use.
    • Store between 5 - 30°C.


    Thymus Vulgaris, Leonurus, Capsella Bursa Pastoris, Spirea Ulmaria, Pulmonaria Officinalis, Martricaria Chammomilla, Drosera Rotundifolia, Plantago Lanceolata.

    Preservative: formic acid (E236) 48%, acetic acid (E260) 0.3%, citric acid (E330) 0.4%, propionic acid (E280) 0.05%.

    Analytical Constituents

    <0.05% Crude Protein, <0.05% Crude Fiber, <0.05% Crude Fat, <0.05% Crude Ash, <0.05% Lysine, <0.05% Methionine, <0.05 % Sodium.

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    Optimization Drinking Water – Pig & Piglet

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