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    Herbali Special

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    Liquid organic fertilizer for arable crops.

    • Optimal absorption and development of nutrients
    • Support of the condition and resistance
    • For the organic sector

    Work safer and more environmentally friendly

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    Mix the amount of Herbali Special per ha indicated below (per crop). with 200 - 400 liters of tap water in the sprayer. Pump this solution vigorously for 5 minutes. Then spray over the land/crop.

    Potatoes for Consumer Seeds:
    • With the planter/within 10 days after planting/before backing the potatoes: 2 litres/ha.
    • Just before tuber formation: 2 litres/ha.

    Starch potatoes:
    • With the planter/for backing the potatoes: 4 litres/ha.

    (Sugar) beets:
    • Within 10 days after sowing: 2 litres/ha.
    • At the 8th leaf stage: 2 litres/ha.

    • Within 10 days after sowing: 2 litres/ha.
    • When onions are formed: 1 litre/ha.
    • Halfway through the cultivation period when the onion is half grown: 1 litre/ha.

    • Within 10 days after sowing: 2 litres/ha.
    • At 2nd - 3rd leaf stage: 2 litres/ha.

    • Within 10 days after sowing or as soon as possible when the soil temperature is >5℃: 2 litres/ha.
    • T2 stage (last leaf layer): 2 litres/ha.

    • For weed control: 3 litres/ha.

    • Spring at the start of grass growth: 2 litres/ha. Autumn: 2 litres/ha.


    • Do not apply Herbali Special in strong sunlight (to prevent crop burning)!
    • Herbali Special can be mixed with common water dilutable sprays.
    • Herbali Special is registered on the Dutch input list for organic agriculture.


    • Sea algae extract
    • Natural nitrogen source

    Analysis in dry matter:
    • Nitrogen (N): 2.3%
    • Phosphorus (P2O5): 0.4%
    • Potassium (K2O): 10.7%

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    Herbali Special

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