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    Soil Balance Boost – Arable Farming

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    Soil Balance Boost – Arable Farming (product 340) is a liquid, organic fertilizer for use in soil imbalances. It contributes to optimal support of the underground parts of the plant and the condition of the soil. Low temperature, poor soil structure, unbalanced soil composition. Saboteurs such as: degree of contamination, humidity, activity and the balance of the soil. This causes root damage as well as damage by nematodes. Certain fungi have a destructive effect. In the absence of useful fungi and bacteria, the plant cannot function optimally.

    • Aid for optimal growth and development
    • Preventive fitness support roots
    • 3 - 5 liters per hectare 3 weeks before sowing or planting arable crops
    • 3 - 5 liters per 1000 m ² 3 weeks before sowing or horticultural planting

    Application of the product allows to reduce fertilizer use.

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        • Apply 8 liters of product per ha, spread over the growing season. First application at the start of growth.


        • Do not apply the product in strong sunlight.
        • The product can be mixed with common, water-dilutable sprays.

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        Soil Balance Boost – Arable Farming

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