Herbali is developed and produced exclusively by us in the Netherlands, in our own laboratories since 1976. We supply Herbali directly from our own warehouse, which allows us to guarantee the highest quality standards.

Get more information about Herbali's trial results

Get more information about Herbali's trial results

At Vossen The New Farming we are committed to sustainability and innovation in agriculture. Herbali, focuses on strengthening the roots and crops, making them more resistant to external factors such as diseases, pests and weather conditions.

Our approach promotes a healthier soil structure and stimulates the natural growth of plants. This may not only lead to a more robust harvest, but also to a higher yield of better quality.

By choosing Herbali from Vossen The New Farming, farmers contribute to more sustainable agriculture. We believe that the power of nature itself is the key to a better future, and we are proud to work with farmers to realize this mission.


What are the natural ingredients of Herbali and what is the analysis of these ingredients in the liquid and in the dry matter?

Water, sea algae extract, herbal extract (vinasse).

Analysis in the liquid:
• Nitrogen (Ntotal): 0.24%
• Phosphorus (P2O5): 0.03%
• Potassium (K2O): 1.12%
• Dry matter (ds): 9.4%

Dry matter analysis:
• Nitrogen (Ntotal): 2.6%
• Phosphorus (P2O5): 0.3%
• Potassium (K2O): 11.9%

How does Herbali help my crops to be more resistant to external factors?

Herbali supports the natural resilience of crops. The product contains a unique blend of natural ingredients that contribute to the health of the roots and plants. This natural approach allows the crops to cope better with external factors such as changing weather conditions and pests, which contributes to healthy growth.

Can Herbali have a positive influence on the growth and quality of my harvest?

Herbali was developed to promote the overall health of crops, which in turn can positively influence crop growth and quality. By strengthening the roots and supporting the natural growth of the plants, Herbali helps create an environment in which crops can grow optimally.

Is Herbali suitable for use on different types of crops and how does it affect the soil?

Yes, Herbali is safe for use on a wide range of crops such as potatoes, onions, beets, grains, leeks, spinach, carrots, corn, cole crops, grass and more. The product contributes to a healthy soil structure, which is essential for the long-term fertility of the soil. By supporting soil health and soil life, Herbali helps build a sustainable and fertile growing environment for crops.

How do I apply Herbali in practice to different crops according to the instructions?

Mix the amount of Herbali per hectare indicated below (per crop). with 200 - 400 liters of tap water in the field sprayer. Pump this solution vigorously for 5 minutes. Then spray over the land/crop (preferably separately).

Potatoes Consumption-Seed Potatoes-Starch:
• With the planting machine/within 10 days after planting/before tying the potatoes: 2 liters/ha.
• Just before tuber formation: 2 liters/ha.

(Sugar) beets:
• Within 10 days after sowing: 2 liters/ha.
• At the 8th leaf stage: 2 liters/ha.

• Within 10 days after sowing: 2 liters/ha.
• When onion is forming: 1 liter/ha.
• Halfway through the cultivation period when the onion is half mature: 1 liter/ha.

• Within 10 days after sowing: 2 liters/ha.
• At 2nd - 3rd leaf stage: 2 liters/ha.

• Within 10 days after sowing or as soon as the soil temperature is >5℃: 2 liters/ha.
• T2 stage (last leaf layer): 2 liters/ha.

• For weed control: 3 liters/ha.

• Spring at the start of grass growth: 2 liters/ha. Autumn: 2 liters/ha

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