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    Ration Optimization Lick – Cow

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    Description du produit

    Ration Optimization Lick – Cow (product 65) is a complementary feed for dairy cattle.

    • Supplementing the ration with natural minerals, vitamins and trace elements
    • Promotes the excretion of waste products by the animal
    • Supports feed intake and utilization 

    Manage an efficient ration as accurately as possible  

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    With the increasing focus on regulations surrounding livestock nutrition, it becomes essential to ensure the health and welfare of dairy cattle through efficient feeding strategies. Suboptimal resilience can significantly contribute to reduced business results, as lower productivity is associated with rising healthcare costs. Statistics show that 70% of health problems in livestock stem from imbalances in the nutritional regime, including digestion and nutritional intake. Factors such as varying feed quality, changes in diet, grazing, climate changes and increased disease pressure can disrupt this balance. The implementation of salt licks can provide crucial support for digestion and nutritional utilization, thereby strengthening the overall resistance of livestock. This contributes to a stabilized food intake and supports healthy, efficient production.



    Ration Optimization Lick – Cow plays an essential role in maximizing nutritional intake from livestock rations. This product not only serves as a rich source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, but also increases the efficiency of feed utilization. The carefully formulated Ration Optimization Lick – Cow offers a sophisticated way to manage feed costs and add essential nutrients. It promotes the absorption of crucial nutritional components and ensures efficient removal of waste products from the body of the livestock. This practical lick serves as a supplementary source of minerals and salt, prevents nutritional deficiencies and supports the overall health of the digestive system.

    Mode d'emploi

    • Dairy cattle: 50 - 100 grams per animal per day.
    • Provide sufficient fresh drinking water.
    • Take the contents of the ration into account.


    • Apply daily for optimal results.
    • GMP+ FSA assured.
    • Store between 5 - 30°C.


    Sodium chloride, cane sugar molasses, magnesium oxide, carbonated algae lime, carbonated feed lime, spent grains, seaweed, brewer's yeast, sunflower oil.

    Additives: aromatic substances: flavourings.

    Trace elements: zinc oxide (3b603) 2850 mg/kg, manganese(II) oxide (3b502) 2375 mg/kg, copper(II) sulphate pentahydrate (3b405) 950 mg/kg, coated granules cobalt(II) carbonate (3b304) 95 mg/kg, coated granules sodium selenite (3b802) 24 mg/kg, organic selenium produced by saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060 (3b8.10) 0.8 mg/kg.

    Vitamins: vitamin E (3a700i) 25 IU.

    Composants analytiques

    87.73% Crude ash, 33% Sodium, 1.3% Magnesium, 1.2% Calcium, 0.24% Crude protein, 0.3% Crude fiber, 0.15% Crude fat,<0.05% Phosphorus , <0.005% Lysine,<0.005% Methionine.

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    Ration Optimization Lick – Cow

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